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If you're like most people who have just inherited a house, you're probably struggling to decide what to do with the asset. Given the dismal state of the current housing market, it may be tempting to hold onto the property for a few years to give house prices a chance to recover, while potentially taking advantage of escalating rent prices in the meantime. Before you can justify taking this approach, however, you'll need to have a clear idea of what it will cost to keep the home. Here are the items you should include in your calculation.

While common problems such as a lack of planning, unclear goals, and inadequate market research will always be contributing factors to nonexistent or negative profit margins for a certain percentage of real estate investors, a larger percentage will fall prey to what James McClelland, CEO and president of the single family home investment firm MACK Companies, calls the "Number one reason why people fail at real estate investing"---poor property management.

Once you've placed a responsible tenant in your rental, your major responsibilities as a landlord, outside of collecting rent, will likely revolve around keeping the property in good repair. Assuming you'd like your rental income to remain as passive a revenue stream as possible, here are some common maintenance issues that it's worth working with your tenant to deal with proactively.

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Freeman Property Management in Topeka specializes in customer service first, and property management second.  In the fast-paced real estate market, keeping a handle on your investment property can be stressful. We take care of everything for you offering the following services to our customers:

Marketing   Rent Collection   Property Accounting   Maintenance   Real Estate Investment   Residential and Commercial

Freeman Property Management is the most widely recommended property management company in the market; we receive referrals from individuals and companies all over the country and even the world. We work just as well with individual rental property owners as we do other realtors, relocation companies, and major corporations. Whether you need help with your Topeka rental, we are the answer for every need.

Our staff members combine years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of property management with a hands-on approach to provide personalized services to all of our clients. When working with Freeman Property Management in Topeka, clients are guaranteed the highest level of service.

While many clients often have to choose between resources of a large corporation and the personal touch of a smaller company, Freeman Property Management provides both. We pride ourselves in making each client feel like a respected friend rather than just another number.

So look around to learn more about our extensive services, give us a call!